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Big Rig is dedicated to the owners of those Big Rigs who seem to    continually have a problem finding a place to park them.  This is a RV Park directory to help you solve the problem.  There are many ways to reference where we want to park them, whether you want to call it:                       

“Big Rig Resorts”, “Motorhome Resorts”,  "Motorhome Campgrounds, “Motorcoach Resorts",  "RV Resort",  "RV Parks", "Best RV Parks",  "Luxury Motorcoach Resorts", "Luxury RV Resorts", "Premier Motorcoach Resorts", “Big Rig Friendly RV Parks”, "Big Rig RV Parks", “Big Rig Friendly Resorts”, “Big Rig Friendly RV Resorts”, "Campgrounds with Big Rig sites", or “Big Rig Friendly Campgrounds”, this web site will help you find just the right places.  Also, this site will help you find  "RV Lots For Rent" or "RV Lots For Sale".                                                                   

    So many of these new vehicles are 35’–45’ in length and often pull a car or trailer making them  60’–90’ in overall length.  Add to all this length the addition of 1, 2, 3, 4 slide-outs and not only do we require a site that will accommodate our length but also our width.  Another concern with these new Big Rigs is electricity.  With the addition of 2 air conditioners and other electric requirements like an all electric kitchen, we also require at least 50 amp services and in some cases, with the new upscale Big Rigs, we may need 100 amp services.

    Another big factor in selecting the right Big Rig Resort, Campground or RV Park is WiFi Internet service.   We show all Big Rig Hotspots, WiFi friendly campgrounds and WiFi RV Parks.  We are also constantly updating our WiFi campgrounds and WiFi RV parks. So if you are looking for a Big Rig Resort that is also Wi-Fi friendly, then we can help.

   Many Resorts and Campgrounds around the country have been trying to meet the demands of these new motorcoaches, motorhomes and fifth wheels.  There are also many new Big Rig Friendly Resorts being constructed or have been developed over the past few years, designed specifically to meet the requirements of these Big Rigs.  This web site locates the best of the best, keeping in mind that not all designated Big Rig Friendly campgrounds will meet everyone’s complete expectations.   With the special designation of our “Premier Resorts” you will experience some of the best Big Rig Friendly Resorts in the country.

    Most of us invest in these Big Rigs for a number of reasons.  Many buy them to travel the country, including Alaska and Canada.  ( Canada will be added to our site sometime this spring)  More and more of us are using our Big Rigs as a destination vacation home.  Some of these destinations are at Big Rig Friendly Resorts where we can purchase our own lots and be part of the community.  If you have a Motorhome Lot For Sale or a Motorhome Lot For Rent you can post your lot on this web site.  There are more and more people looking for these Motorcoach Lots For Sale and Motorcoach Lots For Rent due to a greater demand for these Big Rig Friendly Resorts.  This web site can also be your tool to list your Lot For Sale or Lot For Rent if you have a Fifth Wheel.  Listing your lot on will let the whole country know that you have a “RV-Lot” For Sale or Rent.   We also have a place for you to list your lot if you would like to “Swap-A-Lot” for a designated period of time.

                                          PLEASE TAKE NOTE:
    When you visit our resort pages, for the sake of simplicity, all resorts and rv campgrounds listed will have at least a limited number of 50-amp service sites. All resorts and rv campgrounds have been rated very highly and are all Big Rig compatible. All “Premier Resorts” will have met the minimum requirements set by “”. These requirements are listed on the “Premier Resorts” page.



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Serving Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Florida and surrounding areas



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